Some airline personnel are unaware that the FAA regulations allow the BABY B'AIR® flight vest for use during flight. If any parent has a problem using the BABY B'AIR flight vest in flight, they may return the vest directly to Baby B'Air for a $50 refund check by providing the airline and flight information. This enables us to follow up with the airline. The airline can then inform the crew on the rules regarding use of the vest.

The vest and information must be sent to:

Baby B'Air Returns
2730 N Stemmons Fwy., Ste. 740
Dallas, TX 75207

The vest can be in any condition and with or without packaging. However, it MUST be accompanied with the flight number, date, cities of departure and final destination, airline and passenger name, address and phone number. A $50 dollar refund will be sent directly to the consumer for providing this flight information. This will help us provide feedback to the airlines and educate airline crews throughout the country.