QWhy is the BABY B’AIR® flight vest the only safety solution for lap children? Can’t I use another device to secure my child safely?

Shoulder or harness carriers and other such devices could place the child in the parent’s crush zone, injure the parent’s back or cause injury to the child. The BABY B’AIR® flight vest was designed specifically to address these concerns, allowing the child to travel out of the parent’s crush zone while attached to the lap belt, not the parent’s body. The BABY B’AIR® flight vest is the ONLY device to address these lap baby safety concerns.

QWhy does the FAA not approve the BABY B'AIR® flight vest for takeoff, taxi, and landing?

The FAA changed the existing regulations in early 1996, banning devices other than approved car seats during takeoff, taxi and landing. This FAA rule change DOES NOT prohibit the use of the BABY B'AIR® flight vest during the cruise portions of the flight. The FAA banned belly belts and other devices during take-off, taxi and landing because they could cause more harm than good. 

Since the vest has been designed to address the specific safety concerns of aircraft, Baby B'Air is working to win approval of our product so that it may be used during the entire flight. Until that rule is changed, the vest cannot be used during takeoff, taxi and landing in the U.S. The applicable FAA regulation, known as a CFR, is clearly marked on the back of each vest for the benefit of the parent and flight personnel. These regulations may also be found in the card that came with the vest. It is a good idea to keep this card handy when you use the vest on any airline.

QIsn’t take-off, taxi and landing the most dangerous portion of the flight?

No. Surprisingly, over 90% of all injuries occur during flight, mainly due to turbulence. Children are often left unprotected during this time and even removed from car seats. Parents are encouraged to secure their child throughout the flight.

QCan I use the BABY B'AIR® flight vest in my car?

NO! The BABY B'AIR® flight vest was designed ONLY for use during air travel to prevent injuries due to severe turbulence and should NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE BE USED IN AN AUTOMOBILE.

QCan the BABY B’AIR flight vest be used for children under the age 2 who sit on a seat independently, not on an adult’s lap?
The FAA prohibits children under 2 from sitting in a seat alone without a car seat or the C.A.R.E.S. system. C.A.R.E.S. is for kids who are at least 1 year old, you can find more info about it at kidsflysafe.com. We have no relationship with the company that makes C.A.R.E.S.
QI work for an airline. Why don't I know anything about BABY B'AIR's flight vest?

Many changes have occurred in the airline industry and it takes time to educate the thousands of individuals throughout the airline industry. Many airline employees love BABY B'AIR's flight vest since, as standby passengers, they cannot guarantee a seat for their infant carriers.

We have worked closely with representatives of the FAA and major airlines since 1999 developing this product. We listened to their advice and input before introducing the BABY B'AIR® flight vest to the market. However, there are many people who are just now seeing this new product and learning of the complete content of 14CFR part 21, permitting use of a BABY B'AIR flight vest to be used during cruise portions of flight.

QIf a passenger has any misunderstanding with a flight attendant:

Some airline personnel are unaware that the FAA regulations allow the BABY B'AIR® flight vest for use during flight. If any parent has a problem using the BABY B'AIR flight vest in flight, they may return the vest directly to Baby B'Air for a $50 refund check by providing the airline and flight information. This enables us to follow up with the airline. The airline can then inform the crew on the rules regarding use of the vest.

The vest and information must be sent to:

Baby B'Air Returns
2730 N Stemmons Fwy., Ste. 740
Dallas, TX 75207

The vest can be in any condition and with or without packaging. However, it MUST be accompanied with the flight number, date, cities of departure and final destination, airline and passenger name, address and phone number. A $50 dollar refund will be sent directly to the consumer for providing this flight information. This will help us provide feedback to the airlines and educate airline crews throughout the country.

QIs the BABY B'AIR® flight vest a replacement for an approved car seat used in aircraft?

The BABY B'AIR® flight vest is not a car seat and cannot be used during takeoff, taxi, and landing. The BABY B'AIR flight vest provides protection during flight when the majority (over 90%) of injuries occur and your child is most vulnerable.

QWhat if the flight attendant has a problem with the BABY B'AIR® flight vest?

Simply show the flight attendant the tag on the back of the BABY B'AIR® flight vest listing the FAA ruling noting that it does not prohibit use during flight. You may encounter flight personnel who are not familiar with the entire content of the FAA ruling and the tag is placed on the vest to provide the exact location of the rule.

QWhat is the refund policy?

Your satisfaction is most important to us. However, we do realize that problems do occur. In the event you are not satisfied with your purchase at our online store, you may return it for a credit of the product cost within 30 days of the delivery date.

To Return A Product Follow These Steps:

  1. Obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number by emailing us at info@babybair.com 
    • Please obtain the RMA number before returning any product.
  2. In the email include the following:
    • First and Last Name
    • Email Address
    • Order Number
    • Reason for the return
  3. We can only accept returns that have the RMA number clearly written on the outside of the box you are returning the product in.

If a customer has any questions regarding the BABY B'AIR® flight vest they can email us or contact our help desk at 1-800-417-5228

Call us toll free:  1-800-417-5228

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