What People Are Saying . . .

"I have a 13 month old daughter, and as a cabin safety representative for American Airlines, I am very aware of children's safety issues. Can I get one for my daughter? We're flying to California soon."

American Airlines
Cabin Safety Representative

About the Baby B'Air Flight Vest

How It's Used

Baby B'Air is worn by the infant like a vest. It is placed over the child's head, and secured by adjustable straps on both sides under the baby's arms. The third strap comes from behind, between the baby's legs, and buckles to the front with another adjustable strap. The excess straps Velcro neatly to the vest so that there are no loose straps.

Baby B'Air Inflight Garment - Front View

Baby B'Air Inflight Garment - Back View



The Baby B'Air can be worn as any other garment would since it is constructed of 100% cotton and comfortable to wear. After take-off, the parent feeds their seat belt through the loop on the back of the Baby B'Air, refastens the seat belt and tightens the seat belt. Your infant can now be held, fed and even changed while both parent and child remain securely fastened in their seat. The parent can read, eat or even nap knowing their baby cannot fall or pull from their loving arms.

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