• Toddler Flight Vest

Don't let traveling with a toddler on a plane be a challenge. Our flight vest brings security, comfort, and peace of mind to parents flying with lap babies on airplanes. 

The flight vest:

  • Secures your toddler during unexpected turbulence
  • Frees your hands during flight for feeding and changing
  • Can be used by nursing mothers
  • Keeps baby from getting off your lap. 

The flight vest is a harness that features a loop on the back, your airplane seat belt passes through the loop restraint to keep your baby on your lap.

Toddler size fits babies with a head circumference larger than 15 (38 cm) inches. Please refer to our Sizing FAQ for more information. 

Due to current FAA regulations, the Baby B'Air flight vest can only be used during cruise portion of flight. Please comply with flight crew instruction aboard the airplane. Please refer to this FAQ for more about FAA regulations.

Fiber Contents:

  • body: 100% cotton flannel
  • straps: 100% nylon
  • information labels: 100% polyester
  • thread: 100% red nylon or 100% white cotton 

Package Contents:

  • 1 BABY B'AIR flight vest
  • 1 comment card
  • 1 product packaging and information card

Design Patent awarded in USA, patents pending in other countries.

Toddler Flight Vest

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